My 3 Year Old Got his hands on a kitchen knife

So as you know, I like to play with knives.  All chefs – all cooks, do; at least to some level.  You really have to if you want to do a lot of cooking.  Because of this, I have a lot of knives.  More than I can really justify to be honest.  And I have twice as many as that since, since my wife was also a chef.  Fish knives, boning knives… it goes on and on.  With that many lying around, it was inevitable that one of my kids would eventually grab a knife.

Not that this is the first time.  Toddlers always grab the most dangerous thing in the room, and since they see me use my knife all the time, they of course want to imitate.  But usually I just tell them to drop it; they do, we move on.  This time was different.

My son really wanted to help cook, but also to do something new.  He’s been adding seasonings and ingredients since he was 1, so it was time to step up.  Time to start chopping.

Obviously, I don’t particularly want to take my son to the hospital, give him stitches, or watch him cry uncontrollably from a wanton cut.  As always: safety first.

The butter knife it is.

Have you ever cut yourself with a butter knife?  Have you ever tried?  It’s basically impossible.  And yet, it can accomplish most cutting tasks, albeit slowly.

He was so excited!  He dragged a chair over and immediately asked what he was going to cut.  “Carrots” I said, wondering how he’d react (he doesn’t like carrots).

“Carrots?!”  he asked excitedly; “Dad, I’m really good at cutting carrots”.  And he started trying to cut.

Trying, not cutting.  Why?

Carrots are difficult to cut even with a sharp knife simply because they’re so dense.  To fix this, I just quartered the carrots longways and he was ready to go.  The result?  I think the video speaks for itself.

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