Finding time!

I’ll be honest, I haven’t cooked as much as I’d like to in the last few weeks.  But I know why!  I haven’t planned to!

I’ve lazy planned (hereto referred to as ‘LP’).  What is that?  It’s where i buy ingredients that sound cool ‘knowing’ I’ll use them.  Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.   But if I look at my work schedule, pick which days I’m going to cook, which dishes, and when I’m going to have them; I always cook!

So I’m going to step up my game.  I’m going to make sure to share some awesome food with everyone on here every day, Monday through Friday, at least through the end of the year.  The ‘menu’ for the week will be posted Sunday, and videos of some of the recipes will be posted on Thursday.

So excited!  Please share this, tweet it, random other technology I don’t know about, but the more the merrier.  Let’s cook up some memories!

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