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You might be wondering who am I, or who we are (since as you read here you’ll get to know my family).  My name is Sean Mullen, and I love to cook.  I know, I know; everyone does.  There’s probably hundreds of food blogs or cooking sites out there, so why should you stick around here?

The simple answer: memories.  I miss everyone talking about standing next to a stove with their grandmother, and with the hustle and bustle of modern life… I don’t want those fantastic memories to die out.  I want my kids to reflect back on cooking with me and my wife, to remember holidays with the family, for certain smells to uncontrollably trigger old memories.  So why listen to me when it comes to this daunting task?

In addition to over 10 years of experience cooking in restaurants I also have an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts.  This means that not only do I have a ton of experience with cooking but I’m also classically trained,  ensuring that I can show all the tricks of the trade.  So why not stick around?

Read through posts, watch videos, get to know my family, and just get in the kitchen and make some memories.


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